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Ultimate Pampered Spa
Our Ultimate Spa includes our spa bath plus a full haircut to suit your pets breed or lifestyle. 
Choose our de-shed process instead of full haircut to reduce shedding.
Starts at $79 Plus Tax
Cats start at $150 Plus Tax

Signature Spa 
Signature Spa includes our Spa bath plus light trimming of face, feet, sanitary area and paw pads. 
Starts at $69 Plus Tax
Cats start at $125 Plus Tax

  Spa Bath 
(smooth coat breeds only) 
Starts at $69 Plus Tax

Prices can vary depending on the breed, size, age and temperament of the pet. (dog or cat) 
To maintain a healthy coat and skin, pets should be professionally groomed at a minimum of every 6 weeks. 
Please contact Pet Spa Mobile Grooming for a phone consultation where we will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements. 

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